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En Hakkore

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Ever realize that the Hanson Brothers were singing about Korean food in their 1997 hit song Mmmbop? We did. "Mmmbap, bibimap, sashimi-bap, taco’s up now!"

See. We told you. And there’s no place we know of serving sashimi-bap other than En Hakkore. Ipso facto, the Hanson Brothers, and us, are big fans.

En Hakkore is a great restaurant to have in your back pocket for a quick bite, whether you’re looking for something healthy or have already mailed it in on looking good for beach season. It’s a welcoming combination too, because we were beginning to think all quick and casual joints were only allowed to commit one way or the other.

So what exactly is En Hakkore? The short answer is fast, pretty cheap, but interesting Korean fusion food in a small take-out or quick dine-in setting. The menu is pretty slim, but it works, because there is enough variety in the three major items to hit a separate craving. Bibimbap. Sashimi-bap. Paratha tacos. That’s the jam.

The bibimbap here isn’t traditional, but more so a fresher, healthier version of the classic. But it works because it’s meant to be different. We often complain when places don’t serve bibimbap in a hot stone bowl, but at En Hakkore, it’s an intentional decision that plays. The decision to serve Sashimi-bap is equally as great. If you're trying to be healthy and want a salad with a lot of vegetables and even more sliced sashimi, this is the move.

But where you really want to go nuts is on the tacos. And oh man, do we like to go nuts on En Hakkore’s tacos. Their spicy pork or Korean beef barbecue tacos are served in a doughy, flakey, croissant'ish like piece of pita bread. Honestly, that's the best explanation we have. The bread these things are wrapped in is one of a kind, and it's what makes these tacos so addicting.

Mmmbop, bibimbap, sashimi-bap, tacos up now.

Food Rundown

Man Doo

Steamed dumplings, pork or veggie, with some green onions, sesame seed, and a soy based sauce. Pretty tiny dumplings, which is fine for an appetizer if you choose to order.

Jap Chae

Sweet potato glass noodles stir-fried in sesame oil with some vegetables and korean beef. These slippery little babies make for a great appetizer too, and are a little more filling than the dumplings.

Bibimbap Bowl

As we mentioned, a whole bunch of veggies, your choice of spicy pork or korean barbecue beef, plus white rice, brown rice, or black rice. Our move is the Korean beef with brown rice. Think of it like a Korean grain bowl.

Paratha Tacos

These tacos are incredible. If we had to pick some of our favorite stand-alone dishes, these are creeping their way up the list. A mix of veggies, your choice of spicy pork or Korean beef (either is acceptable), and topped with spicy mayo either way. The flakey bread they serve it on it was makes these tacos next level.


We are big fans of this sashimi-bap. It’s similar to the bibimbap, but instead of your choice of meat, you get raw tuna, salmon, white tuna, talapia, and shrimp. It’s not the greatest quality sashimi grade fish you’ll ever have, but for the quantity and price, it's tough to complain.

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